IUBCCI UAE proudly announces that Market Making Pro Launchpad is our Partner for “High End Congress of Economic Diplomacy” – Monaco Edition.  

“Market Making Pro Launchpad implemented guaranteed NFT allocations. From the 3d to the 5th of May the platform provided all MMPro token holders with MetaMask shares. Before the sale started holders had to subscribe to get an allocation. And now the most interesting: the allocations were in NFT! So to get the required amount of MetaMask shares holders had to buy NFTs with relevant allocation amounts: $500, $2000, $5000, $10 000, and $50 000. These NFTs guaranteed holders a chance to get MetaMask shares. It’s the first experience in the cryptocurrency market of tokenization of real assets using NFT.  Selling shares of such a huge and potential service as MetaMask is a new step for Market Making Pro Launchpad. The platform has already performed share sales for Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, and Bitpay, a crypto app for buying, storing, swapping, and spending cryptocurrencies. MetaMask is one of the most popular non-custodial digital wallets in the world created by the leader of the blockchain market ConsenSys company. 21 million people over the world are using MetaMask and this number is growing very fast. The wallet can integrate itself into other WEB3 applications, and only you have access to your datas. We are honored to have them as partners for “High End Congress of Economic Diplomacy” – Monaco Edition” – Cristina Ciobanu, Chairman IUBCCI-UAE.

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