Creating a Secure Business Environment

IUBCCI UAE is devoted to support create a global economic harmony, helping small and medium businesses elevate their products and services, and highlight the important role they play in the worldwide economy.

IUBCCI UAE goes beyond providing information and opportunities for networking. We work on solutions, main focus being working with companies to obtain added confidence in their business practices and providing a platform for peer-to-peer leadership exchange.

To achieve that, IUBCCI UAE initiated several programs to expand opportunities in a secure business environment as the Trust Mark Seal recommendation program, and Strategic partnership agreements.

International Trade

IUBCCI UAE aims at promoting trade and multilateral economic growth, working with various stakeholders from both the public and private sector to achieve a common economic interest and expand the opportunities offered by the Global Economy.

Key strategies include trade facilitation – helping the integration of targeted reforms into global value chains (GVCs), and trade agreements – providing advice on technical details and support the implementation of commitments made through such agreements.

IUBCCI UAE is also focused on helping SMEs understand how global trade agreements work, providing trainings and consultancy to various companies, as well as to consumer groups, environmental groups and civil society.

Diplomatic Engagement

IUBCCI UAE is hosting working meetings with Ambassadors acting as a liaison between the diplomatic community, governments of different countries and private sector. Aiming to promote collaboration on key economic and national security issues, as well as to identify the common and complementary economic interest, IUBCCI UAE works on strengthening the relationships among diplomatic, government and corporate leaders.

IUBCCI UAE is actively involved in bringing to the forefront the activities conducted by Ambassadors, their successes and challenges in a globalized society.